Contact your State Representative NOW to support Energy Choice!

The Pennsylvania State Senate has recently passed legislation reintroduced by Senator Gene Yaw, prohibiting local governments from dictating the energy choices of their constituents.

Senate Bill 143 passed the Senate by an overwhelming 40-9 vote on March 8. It will now go to the House, where it will be referred to the House Local Government Committee.

This same legislation passed both the House and Senate last session but was unfortunately vetoed by then Governor Tom Wolf. With a new Democrat Majority in the House and a new Governor (Josh Shapiro), the prognosis for this bill is less clear. Therefore, it is VITAL you email your local House member to support the legislation.

During debate on the bill in the Senate, one Senator pointed out that local governments should not be allowed to impose financial hardships on their citizens, by requiring conversions to electricity, without any funding mechanism. This is just one key reason why this legislation is needed.

Please send your letter TODAY!  Let PAPGA know what response you receive, so we can count votes and build a groundswell of support to persuade the Committee Chair to advance the bill.

You may share this with others – team members, customers, family, and friends. Once you click the link below – you’ll be taken to the ‘Legislative Action Center’ where you’ll find a pre-written letter. Please review the message content before sending and feel free to add your own story to personalize your letter.

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