Pennsylvania Propane Political Action Committee (PAC)

Member Participation is Critical in Developing a Successful Legislative Program!

Please contribute what you can, and use this as a stepping-stone to your personal involvement in PAPGA’s advocacy efforts. No one is required to participate and there is no minimum contribution – unless part of a fundraising event. However, just imagine how influential the industry could be if every propane employee in the state gave $100 each year.

  • All contributions are voluntary.
  • All contributions are to be made by: individuals, partnerships or unincorporated companies (Limited Liability Companies or LLC).
  • Corporate funds are not acceptable.

How PAC Contributions Are Spent!

  • Educate Pennsylvania Legislators on important issues and the propane industry.
  • Promote the position of the propane industry on current and pending legislation.
  • Contribute to Pennsylvania Legislators who actively listen to our concerns and aggressively support our issues.

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