PA Propane Training Schedule

 2023 Training Class Schedule

For planning purposes here are the 2023 training dates. Registration is not yet open. Members will be notified when training registrations are being accepted.

Classes being held at Tarantin Industries, Elizabethtown, PA
Basic Principles and Practices 1.0 – May 15, 16
Combined Delivery 2.2/2.4 – May 17, 18, 19
Cylinder Requalification – May 22
Distribution Systems 4.1 – May 23, 24, 25
Distribution Systems 4.2 – August 2, 3, 4
NFPA #58 – August 21
Distribution Systems 4.3 – August 22, 23, 24
Plant Operations – September 6, 7, 8
Basic Principles and Practices 1.0 – September 11, 12
Combined Delivery 2.2/2.4 – September 13, 14, 15

Classes being held at Ray Murray, Bensalem, Elizabethtown, PA
Basic Principles and Practices 1.0 – August 14, 15
Combined Delivery 2.2/2.4 – August 16, 17, 18

If your company is interested in providing in-house training, you are welcome to contact our professional trainers. They can work with your schedule to provide expert instruction to meet the training requirements in Pennsylvania.

Dan Waters
Premier Safety Services

Forest Herron 
 Herron’s Training & Consulting 

Rick Feiler
RDF Training

Another option is to utilize the Propane Education and Research Council’s (PERC) Learning Center. There is no cost for online training through the Learning Center. The Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) Curriculum is available along with additional modularized, function-based training curriculum.

Each employee/student is required to register on the Learning Center individually and create their own account.  This allows for students to train on their own schedule. The Learning Center tracks training for each student.

For online support – reach out to Garrett Johnson, PERC’s Learning Center Coordinator, who can assist you, Questions about modularized, function-based safety training, contact Margaret Hiatt, PERC’s Educational Content Manager at Garrett or Margaret can be reached at 202-452-8975.