PennDot Rescinds Hours of Service Waiver Extended until February 28, 2021

In order to reduce opportunity for confusion regarding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) waiver for fuels, PennDOT has rescinded its waiver and will rely on the FMCSA Regional Hours of Service Waiver for the home heating fuels industry. The FMCSA waiver is in effect until March 4, 2021. (added 2/23/2021)

Pursuant to the Proclamation of Disaster Emergency issued by the Governor on February 1, 2021, 75 Pa. C.S. §6108, and the authority granted in 49 C.F.R. §390.23 and 67 Pa. Code Chapter 231, the waivers in this exemption apply to motor carriers engaged in operations necessary to respond to the sever winter storm event disaster emergency declared by the Governor. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation hereby issues the following exemption: 

TYPE OF OPERATION: Transportation of on road diesel fuels, home heating fuels, propane, and kerosene.

EXTENT OF EXEMPTION: Requirement to comply with driver hour of service limitations.

EFFECTIVE DATE: February 17, 2021

TERMINATION DATE: February 28, 2021 

1. This exemption applies statewide to the transportation on road diesel fuels, home heating fuels, propane, and kerosene.
2. The maximum driving time is extended from 11 hours to 14 hours. Ten consecutive hours off-duty must be taken between the 14 hours of driving time.
3. Operators are exempted from the requirements of the 60/70-hour rule.

Operators are required to have a copy of this waiver when exceeding their normal HOS.

Click HERE to print or view HOS Exemption 2021-02