Governor Corbett Eases Restrictions to Ensure Propane Deliveries

Harrisburg, PA – On January 9th, Governor Tom Corbett took action to temporarily waive certain restrictions on commercial drivers to help ensure uninterrupted deliveries of propane gas and heating oil in Pennsylvania.

The action temporarily waives the normal federal hours of service requirements for drivers of trucks carrying these goods. Drivers usually must take a mandatory rest period after 11 hours behind the wheel. The limit for driving hours is extended to 14 hours.

“We appreciate this action taken by Governor Corbett,” said Shelby Metzger, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association, “It will assist the propane industry in meeting our customer’s needs as a result of the frigid weather Pennsylvania recently experienced.”

Exemption is also granted from the requirements of the 60/70-hour limits rule. The 60/70-hour limits rule requires drivers to stop driving upon accumulating 60 or 70 on-duty hours (including all on-duty and driving time) over a period of seven or eight consecutive days, respectively. Any period of seven or eight consecutive days may end with the beginning of any off-duty period of 34 or more consecutive hours.

“Safety is and will continue to be of utmost importance to all our drivers during the waiver,” Metzger also added.

The waiver will remain in place through January 25.

Click here to view the PennDOT Exemption from Secretary of Transportation Barry J. Schoch, P.E. 

Click here to view Governor Corbett’s proclamation.


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Governor Corbett Eases Restrictions to Ensure Propane Deliveries