Keep Your Family Safe This Winter

Harrisburg, PA – Winter has officially begun. The cold and windy months ahead can sometimes cause a strain on your home’s energy system.  Now is a good time to review safety preparedness information with the entire family.

The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association provides an easy to access link to 16 Interactive Consumer Safety Modules on our website –

These modules feature important tips for dealing with weather and other conditions that may interrupt heating systems and appliances. The modules also contain very important information about how to handle situations during power outages, storms and other potentially-hazardous events.

Here are a few examples of safety tips within the Winter Storm Preparedness Module:

  • Use a broom instead of a shovel when clearing snow from outdoor vents, tanks and flues so as to not cause any damage
  • Review the exact location of your main propane valve so that you can turn it off (clockwise) if you smell gas. Do not attempt to turn the valve off until you are sure that there are no open flames, smoking materials or sparks present in the home. If you suspect any of these, leave the area immediately and call 911
  • When returning after a power outage, use flashlights and not candles when you enter your property until you are sure that there are no leaks

In addition to Winter Storm Preparedness, there are modules featuring Power Outages, Carbon Monoxide Safety, Pilot Lights, Space Heaters and other important topics. At the end of each module, there is a short quiz that you can take to discover what you have learned.

Our website also features a direct link to ‘Propane Kids’, another interactive site that features fun activities and resources for kids to explore.

The members of PAPGA wish you and your family a safe and joyous holiday season. Thank you for reviewing the information on our website. 

The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association is a member-focused trade association providing services that communicate, educate and promote the propane industry in Pennsylvania. The association was formed in 1947 to offer opportunities to learn through training and networking with peers, and to aid with legislative issues that contribute to operating a safe and successful industry.

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Keep Your Family Safe This Winter