NPGA State Director Update – Summer 2024

As your elected State Director, I wanted to provide you with an update on the activities at the most recent NPGA Annual Meeting, Summer Board of Directors Meeting, and Propane Days in Washington, DC, June 2-5, 2024. Business included Committee and Section meetings; policy discussions; a presentation on the upcoming election year; a propane bus panel discussion; a PropanePAC event; and much more. Jeff Stewart passed the gavel to Tom Van Buren, the new Chair of the Board of Directors. I encourage you to read my report.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.

Kara Tucker
Koppy’s Propane

See below to read report or Click HERE to read on NPGA’s Member Dashboard

Here are some of the key updates from the meetings: 

Marketers Section
Marketers Section Chair Daniel Dixon welcomed the incoming Chair, Brian Brooks, of Brooks Gas and Vice Chair Ray Galan of Ferrellgas to their new positions. Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of PERC, spoke about the opportunities and challenges the propane industry faces and emphasized the importance of safety and training. The Marketers Section held in-person regional district breakout meetings grouped together by geography as well as similarities in legislative and regulatory challenges. District 5 Director, Tom Jaenicke, provided a highlight summary of the breakout sessions.

Director of Regulatory Affairs and Associate General Counsel Kate Gaziano moderated a lively panel discussion on propane buses and Autogas. Kate highlighted several key federal grant opportunities, including the EPA Clean School Bus Program, the FTA program, and the DERA Program. She also shared propane’s success in the most recent round of the EPA’s Clean School Bus funding. The four panelists provided additional information:

  • Todd Mouw, EVP of Roush CleanTech, shared resources on supplying propane buses;
  • Scott Underwood of Altogas, Michigan Autogas Chairman and MPGA President, discussed Autogas and working with localities in Michigan;
  • John Philips, President of Phillips Energy, discussed Autogas infrastructure and customer relationships; and
  • Brad Blair of the Illinois PGA shared how Township, IL successfully converted a substantial portion of their municipal diesel fleet to propane.

Propane Days – Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill
Before heading to Capitol Hill NPGA staffers Michael Baker and Rhett Johnson reviewed NPGA’s top federal legislative policy initiatives and Tyler Levins, a Congressional staffer for Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA), provided general guidance on holding successful meetings with Members of Congress. NPGA members and staff met with over 220 offices across the House and Senate.  The successful day concluded with a reception on Capitol Hill with Members of Congress and their staff in attendance.

PropanePAC hosted a well-attended reception honoring its donors at President Lincoln’s Cottage where guests enjoyed a tour of the President’s historic summer home.

The PropanePAC also hosted an engaging Propane, Politics, & Coffee event with Scott Tranter, Director of Data Science at Decision Desk HQ. Tranter presented an engaging overview of the upcoming Presidential election and other key races using information from real-time race calls and polling data. Tranter offered potential scenarios of election results and then discussed the possible effects on the propane industry, citing which outcomes would be most favorable.  By studying the Presidential, House, and Senate races, Decision Desk HQ election forecasting allows marketers a look into how regulatory standards and the legislative landscape may change after this year’s election.

Outgoing PAC Steering Committee Chair Stephanie Hennen of Lakes Gas welcomed Andrew Vogl of Ray Murray Inc. as the new Steering Committee Chair for the upcoming year. 

Policy Discussions
NPGA General Counsel Benjamin Nussdorf conducted a fireside chat with former FMCSA Deputy Administrator and Chief Counsel Earl Adams. The conversation touched on a number of subjects, including regional Hours of Service Waivers and the ELDT Program. Mr. Adams provided insight on how FMCSA evaluates requests for Hours of Service Waivers, and the interplay between the Federal and State governments with respect to waivers. He encouraged feedback from members on the ELDT program and how it has worked in its first two years.

NPGA State Government Affairs Manager Austin Wicker facilitated a fireside chat with Josie Montoney-Crawford, Associate Director of Public Policy  at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), which represents the priorities and interests of state agriculture departments. The fireside chat highlighted the important role that propane plays in the agricultural sector and the deep ties that exist between both industries. Discussion topics included reauthorization of the federal Farm Bill, workforce challenges, decarbonization efforts, and state energy choice initiatives. Across the country, 12 percent of all propane is used for agricultural applications.

Technology, Standards & Safety Updates
The Board of Directors approved two TS&S proposals to modify NFPA 58. The first was under Docket Tbpt-1916 and would scale back the requirements for when a fire safety analysis needs to be performed for a propane installation. The proposal would limit the requirement to only liquid service installations of single containers greater than 4,000 gallons, which is the threshold used to identify bulk and industrial facilities. The proposal would also eliminate the current requirement that includes the aggregation of containers of greater than 4,000 gallons, whether in liquid or vapor service.

The second was under Docket Tef-1935 and it seeks to expand the options for Autogas fuel systems to comply with Chapter 12 of NFPA 58. The code currently requires fuel systems to meet European/UN standard ECE R67.01, which is not always applicable to the modern fuel systems used in heavy duty vehicles. This proposal would continue to allow the use of R67, but it will also expand options for compliance to include documentation submitted by the original equipment manufacturer indicating that the vehicle has been qualified to the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Awards and Citations
At the NPGA annual meeting and Board meeting, Immediate Past Chair Jeff Stewart awarded Chair’s citations to two individuals who exemplify excellence in the propane industry: Dan Binning, Former Executive Director of the Colorado and New Mexico Propane Gas Associations, and Bruce Swiecicki, NPGA Vice President & Chief Technical Officer.

The Scholarship Committee honored Rosie Buschur of McMahan’s Bottle Gas with the 2024 NPGF Outstanding Service Award. This award is presented to a committee member in recognition of extraordinary service and dedication to the Scholarship Foundation and the children of our industry.

NPGA awarded the State Director of the Year Award to Zoe Williams of Hawaii.

Charmin Heimel of the Colorado Propane Marketing Company in Monument, Colorado and Rob Upton of Blue Flame Gas Inc. in Pueblo West, Colorado both received the Safety Award. The Safety Award is conferred in recognition of distinguished service to the cause of safety in the propane industry.

New Directors (as of June 4, 2024)

Lisa GerwitzBarrett Propane Arizona Director
Alex GallardBlue Star Gas California Director
Jim Jung, Central Farm Service Minnesota Director
Jason NasbyPro-Coop Montana Director
Lucas Malicoate4J Energy, LLC Oklahoma Director
Mark GarrisonFred Garrison Oil Texas Director
Phillip ScheelTumbleweed Propane Wyoming Director
Marci BallardChristensen USA Washington Director
Tommy ManionSuperior Plus Canada Director
Gerry GoodyMontana Energy Alliance District 2 Director
Paula SummersCivista Leasing & Finance Services Section Director
Michelle Wilson, P3 Propane Services Section Director
Travis DunhamCHS Inc. Producer & Wholesaler Section Director
Joe Natale, ChemStar, Inc.                         Producer & Wholesaler Section Director
Claudia BonucchiMAKEEN Energy Manufacturer Section Director
Steve FarkasSharp Energy, Inc. Director-at-Large
Bruce LeonardTarga Resources Director-at-Large
Tyler Misel, Georgia Gas Distributors        Director-at-Large
Paige O’Dell, EDP                                       Director-at-Large
Steve WamboldLettermen’s Energy Director-at-Large



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NPGA State Director Update – Winter 2024

As your elected State Director, I wanted to provide you with an update on the activities at the most recent NPGA Board of Directors meeting held February 6 – 8 in Monterey, California.

The week’s business included Committee and Section meetings, a fireside chat about gas bans legislation, a presentation on artificial intelligence, a forklift panel discussion, and much more. The PropanePAC hosted an event and NPGA recognized Jeff Stewart’s service as Chair at the Board of Directors reception on Wednesday evening. I encourage you to read my report.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you

Kara Tucker
Koppy’s Propane

See below to read report or Click HERE to read on NPGA’s Member Dashboard.

NPGA’s Board of Directors met in Monterey, California February 6 – 8, 2024. The week’s business included Committee and Section meetings; a fireside chat about gas bans legislation with attorney Sarah Jorgensen; a Propane, Politics, & Coffee presentation on artificial intelligence by tech expert Dylan Hoffman; a forklift panel discussion; and much more. The PropanePAC hosted an event and NPGA recognized Jeff Stewart’s service as Chair at the Board of Directors reception on Wednesday evening. Here are some of the key policy discussions and updates from NPGA:

Young Professionals Council
The NPGA Board of Directors formally approved a new business council within NPGA: the Young Professionals Council (YPC).  The primary goals of the YPC are to support the professional development of emerging leaders in the propane industry through education sessions and webinars, to facilitate direct access of young professionals to NPGA leadership, and to create a pipeline of voluntary association leaders.  The YPC is aligned with Women in Propane (WIP) and Young Gassers.  The 30-under-30 program will be housed within the YPC.  The YPC is a formal business council, has a dues structure similar to WIP, a 5-person steering committee with a dedicated NPGA staff liaison, and has membership limited to those 40 and under working for an NPGA member company.  The YPC will launch at the 2024 Southeastern Expo in Charlotte.

Gas Bans Litigation Fireside Chat
NPGA President Steve Kaminski hosted a fireside chat with Sarah Jorgensen, lead legal counsel representing energy choice proponents in the Berkeley gas bans litigation and NPGA, NYPGA, and others challenging the New York state energy law in federal court.  The two discussed the impact the 9th Circuit decision has on the state and municipal gas bans landscape and the current state of the lawsuit in New York.

Legal Action Committee
NPGA’s legal action committee held its first in-person meeting.  The committee discussed updates to seven ongoing lawsuits that NPGA is directly involved in or indirectly playing a role.  The committee approved a motion to finance a second round of funding for the ongoing lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Energy in the District of Columbia Federal Circuit Court regarding the Commercial Water Heater Rule, the Furnace Rule, and the Interpretive Rule. The committee also discussed Washington state’s litigation funding request and reported out to the full Board.

Marketers Section
District 3 Director Stephanie Hennen provided highlights from the district breakouts.  Director Hennen noted that propane provides a clean, cost-effective fuel that can be used to help states achieve their environmental goals and decarbonization targets. Stuart Weidie, Immediate Past Chair of PERC, gave an update on PERC activities. Mr. Weidie noted that CETP is now accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). This accreditation is important as PERC continues to discuss the CETP program with community colleges and vocational schools. The Council is also sponsoring research to better understand the butane content of renewable propane.

Forklifts Panel
The Marketers Section hosted a forklift panel discussion featuring industry experts Brian Feehan of the Industrial Truck Association, Jim Rushing of Energy Distribution Partners, and Colin Sueyres of the Western Propane Gas Association. Mr. Feehan highlighted trends in the electric and internal combustion (IC) lift truck marketplace, including the impact that state regulations have on consumer demand. Colin Sueyres provided an overview of California’s forklift rulemaking and the negative impact it would have on the marketers who serve forklift accounts, as well as the businesses that rely on propane-powered forklifts for their operational needs. The panel urged industry members to engage with state associations and legislators to safeguard against similar restrictive forklift regulations that could be pursued in their state. Marketers are encouraged to share propane’s positive attributes and use various communication channels to counter harmful proposals. The overall message stressed the importance of industry vigilance and proactive communication with customers, legislators, and regulators to preserve propane as a crucial energy resource across the states.

Governmental Affairs Committee
The Governmental Affairs Committee convened to receive updates from NPGA staff and discuss pressing advocacy issues impacting the propane industry. As is customary, the Committee broke into three task force sessions – federal legislative, federal regulatory, and state.

  • In the legislative session, NPGA staff provided updates on the challenges newly-elected Speaker Mike Johnson faces in passing full-year funding bills and other key pieces of legislation.
  • The federal regulatory team discussed recent rulemakings from the Department of Energy (Furnace, Water Heater, Boiler), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and guidance from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.
  • The state breakout discussed the enactment of energy choice laws in four new states and the extension of legal protections to cover propane appliances, such as fireplaces and cooktops.

The PropanePAC Steering Committee met to discuss current fundraising efforts, disbursements, and possible events for the upcoming Propane Days in Washington, D.C., and Board of Directors meeting in San Antonio, TX, later this year. The Committee proposed new ideas for branding and overall PropanePAC marketing to current and potential contributors and expressed interest in gift ideas for PAC contributors. An additional focus of the committee was to develop a more robust peer-to-peer engagement strategy and to expand prior authorization efforts. The committee stressed the PAC’s importance to supporting the industry at both the State and Federal levels.

Propane, Politics, and Coffee
The PAC hosted a lively Propane, Politics, & Coffee event with Dylan Hoffman, Executive Director of TechNet.  Hoffman presented an engaging overview about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impacts on the propane industry. Hoffman reviewed the basic principles of using AI as a tool and covered common concerns around potential job loss and multiple regulatory updates. While efficiency and data mapping are some of the benefits AI promises to bring the industry, Hoffman expressed that navigating ongoing regulations is top of mind for the immediate future of this developing technology.

Propane Supply and Logistics Committee
The Propane Supply and Logistics (PSL) Committee discussed a range of pertinent issues. NPGA’s Ben Nussdorf provided crucial updates on the FMCSA’s proposed rulemaking and the logistical challenges faced in Alaska, especially regarding propane transportation. Eric Sears offered insights into the PLAN app rebranding, emphasizing utility during peak times and emergencies. Updates from RBN were also significant, with Twana Aiken and Todd Root discussing the infrastructure map update and current market trends, respectively. The session concluded with an open forum for regional discussions and a call for questions for the upcoming committee meeting with the American Trucking Association.

Renewable Fuels Committee
The NPGA Renewable Fuels Committee (RFC) reviewed the progress made since the October 2023 meeting. The Federal Legislative, Federal Regulatory, State Advocacy, and Codes and Standards subcommittees provided detailed reports on their respective advocacy activities with a spotlight on significant achievements and current priorities in the realm of advocacy for renewable fuels. Jeff Stewart, the RFC Chair, motivated attendees with a forward-looking perspective and an emphasis on the importance of continued effort to advance the development and adoption of renewable propane and its associated blends.

NPGA State Director Update – Fall 2023

As your elected State Director, I wanted to provide you with an update on the activities at the most recent NPGA Board of Directors meeting held October 16 – 18, 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The Marketers Section hosted a ten-year retrospective conversation on lessons learned from the winter of 2013 – 2014. Meeting attendees also enjoyed a fireside chat with the Executive Director of Kentucky’s Office of Energy Policy, PAC events, and much more. NPGA announced the formation of a Legal Action Fund and adopted a new strategic plan. I encourage you to read my report.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.

Kara Tucker
Koppy’s Propane

See below to read report or Click HERE to read on NPGA’s Member Dashboard.

NPGA’s Board of Directors met in Louisville, Kentucky October 16 – 18, 2023. The week’s business included Committee and Section meetings, a ten-year retrospective on lessons learned from the winter of 2013 – 2014, a heat pump panel discussion, a fireside chat with Kenya Stump, Executive Director of Kentucky’s Office of Energy Policy; and much more. The PropanePAC hosted an event at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory on Monday night and members enjoyed the Board of Directors reception on Tuesday evening. Here are some of the key policy discussions and updates from NPGA:

Consumer Gas Furnace Restrictions
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued the “pre-publication” version of its final consumer furnace rulemaking. NPGA – along with natural gas coalition partners – submitted four separate and extensive comments on this proposal in 2022. The 575-page rule would be effective in late 2028 and eliminate non-condensing gas furnaces and a subset of condensing furnaces.

NPGA has been tracking this rulemaking diligently and is disappointed in the DOE’s action. It would directly harm consumers by forcing costly retrofits or fuel switching, thus disproportionately impacting socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

NPGA has geared up its regulatory, legal, lobbying, engineering, and economic experts, as well as cemented a response coalition. On the Congressional front, NPGA has worked with Representatives Fallon (TX) and Fischbach (MN) to introduce an amendment to the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Water bill that would “prohibit any funding to be used to finalize, implement, or enforce the proposed rule.”

NPGA, NYPGA, and Mulhern Gas Sue New York State in Federal Court
A coalition led by the National Propane Gas Association, the New York Propane Gas Association, and Mulhern Gas of Hudson, NY filed a federal lawsuit against the New York Department of State, New York State Building Code Council, and others on October 12.  The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York.

The State of New York has banned fuel gas infrastructure and appliances in most newly constructed buildings beginning on December 31, 2025.  NPGA and its co-plaintiffs contend that this action is preempted by, and in direct conflict with, the Federal Energy Policy & Conservation Act (EPCA).  The EPCA expressly preempts state regulations concerning the energy use of appliances, subject to a few narrow exceptions which are not applicable.

Representing NPGA and its co-plaintiffs is the esteemed counsel that represented the California Restaurant Association in successfully overturning the Berkeley, CA gas ban before the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.  Additional plaintiffs include national, state, and local groups representing home builders, plumbing contractors, and gas fired products manufacturers as well as plumbing, electrical, and transportation worker unions (including workers who ensure the safety of National Grid customers).  Numerous propane companies operating across New York state also contributed to funding the litigation.  Having unions join is a first – they have no skin in the electrification game other than the best interests of the citizens of the state to prevent an overstrained grid from blackouts in the heart of freezing NY winters.

NPGA Legal Action Fund
NPGA has established a Legal Action Fund to proactively combat illegal governmental overreach that seeks to eliminate energy choice. NPGA is currently involved in seven federal lawsuits and anticipates the need to potentially file more in the coming months.  Recent and ongoing legal battles threatening the survival of the propane industry compelled the NPGA Executive Committee to devote significant, long-term resources to this fight.

The new Legal Action Fund will provide financial resources to use the court system to challenge illegal anti-energy choice laws, regulations, and policies at the federal, state, and local level. Recognizing the magnitude of the challenges the industry faces, NPGA is committing $1 million from its reserves to launch these efforts now. NPGA will seek in the coming years to expand the pool to $2.5 million from reserves, use of budgetary surplus, and/or voluntary member contributions.

A 5-member Legal Action Committee – chaired by Tom Manson of Eastern Propane & Oil – will provide oversight to the Fund.

Strategic Plan 2024-2026
NPGA’s Executive Committee adopted a strategic plan applicable to 2024-2026.  This plan largely tracks the current plan where all priorities are viewed through the top-level lens of protecting energy choice inclusive of propane by positioning it as part of America’s clean energy solution in contrast to electricity alone, and advancing the reputation of safety, reliability, and affordability.

The primary changes in the upcoming strategic plan from the current plan are a firm commitment to leading litigation to protect propane and a firm commitment to pursuing advocacy priorities of renewable fuels that increase the usage of propane.

Marketer Section
Marketer Section Chair Daniel Dixon introduced District 5 Director Tom Jaenicke to provide highlights from the district breakouts. Director Jaenicke noted that electrification and decarbonization challenges persist around the country. PERC’s Bridget Kidd gave an update on the activities being pursued by the Council, including National Propane Day and the Leadership in Energy Ambassador Program. To round out the Section meeting, Chair Dixon moderated a panel discussion and retrospective look at the Winter of 2013-14. The panel of experts included DD Alexander of Global Gas, Steve Kossuth of World Fuel Services, and Tom Van Buren of Meritum Energy.

Governmental Affairs Committee
The Governmental Affairs Committee convened to receive updates from NPGA staff and discuss pressing advocacy issues impacting the propane industry. As is customary, the Committee broke into three task force sessions – federal legislative, federal regulatory, and state advocacy.

In the legislative session, NPGA staff provided political and policy updates from Capitol Hill. After an unprecedented motion to vacate, the House of Representatives has been without a Speaker for over two weeks, bringing all federal legislative action to a near halt. Once the House elects a new Speaker, NPGA staff believe the association will achieve meaningful results in year-end legislative vehicles, such as appropriations and NDAA.

During the regulatory session, association staff provided updates on the numerous regulatory actions the Biden Administration is pursuing through the Department of Energy, such as the Water Heater Rule, Furnace Rule, Boiler Rule, and Consumer Cooktop Rule. The group also discussed the Environmental Protection Agency’s Risk Management Program and the path forward on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Hours of Service regulations.

Lastly, in the state advocacy breakout session, NPGA staff updated the group on efforts to expand choice protections to end-use applications, such as furnaces and stoves. Additionally, the task force discussed the growing interests of state officials in specific programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from residential and commercial buildings, including statewide carbon markets and clean heat standards.

The PropanePAC Steering Committee met and discussed current fundraising efforts, PAC events, disbursements, peer-to-peer engagement, and continued efforts to increase corporate engagement and contributions.

The PAC’s well-attended events in Louisville included the very successful Bourbon and Bats fundraiser. The education event, Propane, Politics and Coffee, featured political expert Jon Deuser, President and CEO of Smith-Free Group, NPGA’s consulting firm for the association’s advocacy work on Capitol Hill. Deuser shared his perspective on the Speaker of the House race and the political landscape in Washington, DC, and made some predictions for the presidential race.

Renewable Fuels Committee
NPGA launched a Renewable Fuels Committee (RFC) over the summer and the group met in person during the Board meeting.  Jeff Stewart led a discussion on the committee’s formation and outlined its objectives and scope. The RFC has 4 sub-committees: Federal Legislative, Federal Regulatory, Codes & Standards, and State Advocacy – those sub-committees track to NPGA’s 4 pillars of advocacy.  The primary overall goal is to guide NPGA on advocacy priorities for renewable fuels.

Technology, Standards and Safety Committee
The Board of Directors approved four proposals developed by the Technology, Standards and Safety Committee. These proposals will be submitted to NFPA for the next development cycle of NFPA 58 “LP-Gas Code.” The proposals will accomplish the following:

  • Provide more detail through examples of where hydrostatic relief valves in propane piping systems are required and where they are not
  • Expand the range of application for pilot operated relief valves to provide greater options for protecting containers from overpressure events
  • Propose to remove the decades-old limitation on the number of bulk storage containers that can be grouped together, based on the adoption more recently of requirements that improve product control and containment
  • Editorially correct Table (B) in the Code by removing an incorrect reference to another code section

NPGF Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee elected Lisa Gerwitz (EDP), Jennifer Jackson (AmeriGas), and Ed Varney (Top Line Management/Metsa Tank) Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer respectively.

A fundraising Golf Tournament is planned for Thursday, April 4, 2024 (immediately before Expo in Charlotte, NC). The course and bus transportation have been secured and more information about golfing and sponsorships is forthcoming. Please save the date!

The Scholarship Committee is growing and actively seeking new participation. Members interested in joining can contact Scholarship Program Manager Maril Olson for more information.

Women in Propane Council
Over 30 members attended the Women in Propane Council meeting in Louisville where there was lots of good news to report:

  1. The council is comfortably in the black with over $60,00 in the bank.
  2. Membership is at an all-time high with over 30 corporate and over 90 individual members.
  3. Through the Leadership Lens podcasts are so popular, they are now aired every three weeks.
  4. The Leadership Lens Webinar series continues to draw good audiences.
  5. The Association Engagement program is on a roll: there are currently 16 WIP ambassadors covering 14 associations to spread the word on Women in Propane.

To find out more about this dynamic group, check out the WIP website HERE.

NPGA State Director Update – Summer 2023

As your elected State Director, I wanted to provide you with an update on the activities at the most recent NPGA Board of Directors meeting and Propane Days, held June 4 – 7 in Washington, DC.

NPGA’s Marketer Section discussed issues of importance to all propane industry members and heard from experts about renewable propane technology, workforce trends, railroad safety, and gas stove policies. Association members also visited Capitol Hill and elected new officers. I encourage you to read my report.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.

Kara Tucker
Koppy’s Propane

See below or click HERE to read the full report on the NPGA website.

Jeff Stewart Appointed as NPGA Chair; NPGA Officers Sworn In

From June 4 – 7, NPGA hosted its annual Board meeting and Propane Days Capitol Hill meetings. The week kicked off with State Propane Gas Association Presidents and Executive Directors from around the country meeting with NPGA leadership to discuss pressing policy issues, both federal and across the states, with the largest emphasis on combatting anti-gas laws, regulations, and codes. The PropanePAC hosted an evening reception at Tudor Place, an historic Washington, DC property once home to descendants of Martha Washington.

On June 5, at the Marketers’ meeting, NPGA hosted Dr. Paula Gant, President of GTI Energy.  GTI Energy is a leading research organization that manages a tremendous collection of propane-related emissions data and is currently leading research in a renewable propane technology called Cool LPG.  NPGA Board members and guests also heard from Tucker Perkins who provided an update on PERC’s activities and Mike Rush, head of safety and operations for the American Association of Railroads, who spoke about the policy aftermath of the East Palestine, Ohio incident and the threatened labor strikes from last fall.  NPGA moderated a gas stoves policy panel with coalition partners representing the natural gas and appliance manufacturing industries.  NPGA’s final pre-Board meeting speaker was a representative of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, who shared data on workforce trends.

Outgoing Board Chair Michelle Bimson Maggi presided over the Annual Meeting and summer Board Meeting. She gave remarks on her year in leadership and presented awards and citations. Steve Kaminski, NPGA’s President and CEO, spoke to the Board about NPGA’s increasing role in using litigation to combat laws that threaten propane usage and predicted the need for litigation to ramp up throughout the year.

The NPGA Board of Directors then selected its officers for the upcoming year: Mr. Jeff Stewart of Blue Star Gas as Chair, Mr. Tom Van Buren of Meritum Energy Holdings as Chair-Elect, Mr. Mike Hopsicker of Ray Murray as Vice Chair, and Ms. DD Alexander of Global Gas as Treasurer.


Newly appointed NPGA Board of Directors Chair Jeff Stewart presented a gavel to outgoing Chair Michelle Bimson Maggi. He then closed the meeting with a challenge to all members of the propane industry to lead by example by maximizing their own usage of the product that provides our livelihoods.

Propane Days

On June 6 and 7, members of the propane industry headed to Capitol Hill for Propane Days. NPGA’s legislative staff briefed the group on conducting successful meetings with Members of Congress and their staff. Association members also learned about the propane industry’s top policy initiatives on Capitol Hill, which range from protecting consumer energy choice to the Farm Bill reauthorization and annual appropriations.  Attendees then held a series of individual Capitol Hill meetings with over 200 Members of Congress in both the House and Senate.  Feedback was positive—Members of Congress and their staff were receptive to hearing our messages and learning more about the propane industry from companies operating in their districts. NPGA thanks everyone who participated in these advocacy efforts and the state executives who were instrumental in scheduling the meetings.

On the evening of June 6, NPGA hosted a barbeque reception in the Rayburn House Office Building. Hundreds of Congressional staff from across the country and approximately a dozen Members of Congress attended the reception, including representatives of districts in Arizona, California, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, and Virginia.

These Capitol Hill meetings were extremely timely as Congress was slated to vote on two distinct gas stove-related bills, one on June 6 and another on June 7. Having local boots on the ground was important and effective in communicating propane’s messages to a significant number of lawmakers.

Awards and Citations

At the NPGA Board Meeting, outgoing Chair Michelle Bimson Maggi awarded Chair’s citations to five individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the industry: Christina Armentano of Paraco Gas, Tom Clark of the Rocky Mountain Propane Association, Daniel Dixon of Energy Distribution Partners, Nash McMahan of Tri-Gas & Oil, and Warren Patterson, formerly of AmeriGas. She shared through personal, heartfelt, and funny remarks how each person exemplifies excellence in the propane industry.

NPGA awarded the State Director of the Year award to the late John W. Brooks III.  John served in every capacity for the Missouri Propane Gas Association and Missouri’s PERC. At the time of his passing, he had recently accepted the nomination to serve his 17th year as Missouri’s State Director. Brian Brooks accepted the award on behalf of the Brooks family.

NPGA awarded the Bill Hill Award to Deb Grooms, recently retired Executive Director of the Iowa Propane Gas Association, in recognition of her years of dedicated service to the industry.




John Cadenhead, outgoing Chair of the Technology, Safety, and Standards committee, and DD Alexander, outgoing Chair of NPGA’s Propane Supply & Logistics committee both received Committee Chair awards.

NPGA Welcomes New Directors

Connor Alexander Global Gas Producer & Wholesaler Director
Jim Blake Eastern Propane Rhode Island Director
Angela Branchi Grammer Logistics Transportation & Storage Director
John Corallo Home Gas International Section Director
Frank Edwards Coles Energy Ohio Director
Amanda Gage Intermountain Trucking Utah Director
Heather Granzin AmeriGas Propane LP Chair, Propane Supply & Logistics
Mike Hayden Co-Alliance Indiana Director
Stephanie Hennen Lakes Gas District 3 Director
Ray Kazakewich R.E. Michel Company Distributor Director
Paul Ladner AmeriGas Propane LP Director-at-Large
Cinch Munson Oberon Fuels Producer & Wholesaler Director
Rita Pecilunas Otodata Manufacturers Director
Ryan Roper NGL Energy Partners Producer & Wholesaler Director
David Schmidt Fisher LP Gas Equipment Manufacturers Director
Jeff Stanton Superior Plus Propane Connecticut Director
Nicole Sullivan Anderson Propane Services Director-at-Large
Erich Wolf Cavagna Group Chair, Technology, Safety & Standards
Mark Zimora Tankfarm LLC Services Section Director