National Propane Day

Today, October 7, is National Propane Day

 Join in the celebration! National Propane Day is an opportunity to recognize the propane industry and celebrate all the benefits propane offers.

“The propane industry does so much to not only ensure families stay comfortable in their homes and businesses remain in operation, but they also work hard to provide these services in a clean, cost-effective, and reliable way,” said Tucker Perkins, President, and CEO of PERC. “We are proud to celebrate the industry and everyone that chooses to use propane on National Propane Day.”

No matter where you live in Pennsylvania, propane is helping to fuel your local economy.  Odorized propane’s contribution to Pennsylvania’s economy is nearly $1.8 billion a year, including both direct and indirect economic effects.

Propane powers everyday moments. There are more than 225,500 propane heated households in Pennsylvania. Additionally, tens of thousands of consumers also rely on propane for space heating, cooking and water heating along with the thousands more business owners who rely on propane for industrial processes and transportation. They choose propane because it’s an affordable, versatile, and reliable energy source delivered by locally based companies who know their customers, and it’s produced right here in the United States.  Not only is propane an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act, using propane reduces greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and air pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, it keeps working when the electricity goes out.

As part of National Propane Day, The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) is celebrating the continued growth and production of renewable propane – an ultra-low carbon option that further moves the propane industry down the path to zero carbon.

“As we collectively embrace the efforts behind energy resiliency, decarbonization and efficiency, propane is primed to lead the charge,” Perkins says. “On National Propane Day, and well into the future, there is a bright future for low-carbon propane.