Hours of Service Waiver Extended until March 8, 2022

NPGA secured an extension of the current Emergency Declaration by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for 42 states. NPGA’s advocacy was built on information from propane marketers, transport operations, weather predictions, COVID-19 infection rates, and valuable outreach by state and regional trade association executives. The extension enables companies to safely continue deliveries to consumers and bulk storage through the forecasted ‘arctic plunge’ while also working through driver losses due to COVID-19 infections. The waiver is in effect through March 8, 2022.

The federal waiver covers both interstate and intrastate travel within the Commonwealth. Drivers should have a copy of the waiver in their vehicle while using the exemption.

Download the Emergency Declaration 

NPGA urged FMCSA to revise the declaration to apply nationwide based on the increasing infection rate of COVID-19 and the winter weather demand by consumers. NPGA continues to advocate for a nationwide declaration by FMCSA and will continue to educate FMCSA on impact across all states.

Guidance on emergency declarations and waivers by the National Association of State Energy Officials is available HERE. Please direct any questions to or share new information with Sarah Reboli, NPGA Senior Director, Regulatory & Industry Affairs.