Propane’s gifts to our daily lives

Hey there, Thanks for checking in. Here are the latest thoughts that I jotted down when thinking about the Power of Propane in our daily lives and the experiences of customers…

Creating Exceptional Comfort and Efficiency with Propane. Propane gives your customers the performance they demand, and sets your projects apart.

Propane is Performance Multiplied.  With propane, you’re not only giving homeowners a superior experience, with greater comfort and efficiency. Building with propane can also build your reputation and grow your business. If you’re a construction professional, check out this video to see how to stand out from the competition and result in more satisfied customers. 

Furnaces & Boilers. With a propane furnace or boiler, you can give homeowners more cost-efficient heating, and more comfortable and consistent warmth compared with other fuel sources.

Water Heating. Whether you choose a propane storage tank water heater, or save floor space with a propane tankless water heater, you can be sure you’re giving homeowners the performance they demand. Plus, with new efficiency standards making electric models bigger and bulkier, high-efficiency propane water heaters can be easier to install.

Ranges, Ovens & Stoves. Simply by giving a kitchen propane cooking appliances, you give the whole home a high-end feel. Your customers will enjoy the control of cooking with gas, just like the professionals.

Clothes Drying. A propane clothes dryer is a simple addition that shows homeowners you don’t overlook any details. They’re easily vented and give homeowners better performance, and incredible efficiency.

Fireplaces. Propane fireplaces are significantly warmer and more energy efficient compared with electric or wood fireplaces. With modular assembly, power venting, and other advantages, propane fireplaces give you more design flexibility than ever before.

Generators. Show your customers you’re going the extra mile for their peace of mind. A propane-powered standby generator gives a homeowner comfort and security in the event of a power outage.

Outdoor Living. Propane isn’t just for the interior of homes. Transform the exterior of your next project with a fire pit or fireplace, flame lighting, full outdoor kitchen, and more.

Dehumidifiers. Propane dehumidifiers are powerful, reliable, and easy to use and maintain. For new construction, restoration, and other applications, they deliver the performance you need.

Construction Equipment. Propane’s portability, low emissions, and ease of refueling makes it a great choice for construction equipment, including generators, heating, scissor lifts, and even work trucks.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP). Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems provide heat and generate electricity with higher efficiency and lower emissions levels than conventional heating and grid-supplied power. CHP systems can operate at 70 percent to 80 percent (electric and thermal) efficiency.

Storage & Distribution. Propane gives your customers independence from the grid, because it’s stored onsite, and delivered by professional propane suppliers. You can even give your customers the choice of above-ground or underground tank installation, to preserve the aesthetics of their yard. For larger developments, consider a community tank system, that supplies all of a development’s homes with propane, similar to a natural gas line.

Builder-Friendly. You can put propane to work anywhere, independent of the grid. Propane appliances also give you design flexibility when creating your plans.

It Sets You Apart. Customers prefer the performance of gas appliances. All-gas homes are typically valued up to five percent higher than all-electric homes.

Green Building.  Installing high-efficiency appliances significantly reduces a home’s total energy consumption, helping builders meet IECC, Zero Net Energy, and other above-code standards.

Residential Construction. Marketers should be in contact with construction professionals in your area. Propane is always the best product for new construction. The relationships we build will save the professional and homeowners costly retro-fits and plan changes to meet code or construction requirements. Getting it right the first time will always strengthen good relationships with the professional and consumers.

Propane Can Do That.

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Harold F. Sweet
Superior Plus Propane
PA Propane Gas Association President