Emergency Responders Event Recap

The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association Emergency Responders Training Event Offered Critical Training & Experience for Firefighters & Propane Professionals Statewide

Emergency RespondersOver 120 Firefighters, Hazmat Team Members, Law Enforcement, EMTs and Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Professionals converged on the Bear Creek Mountain Resort to experience hands-on Propane emergency training in July 2015.

The event was the largest of it’s kind ever conducted in Pennsylvania. Real life experiences & technique were presented to attendees during the conference, followed by live training near heat & fire. On site demonstrations included proper technique for securing a bobtail truck that has rolled over, plus how to safely move the gas from a tank that may be damaged to a tank that is secure so that it can be evacuated safely.

Officials from the Propane Educational & Research Council (PERC) and the Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association (PAPGA) urged attendees to share this knowledge and experience with members of their emergency response teams statewide.


First Responders TrainingDennis Cruise (PERC) reviewed the critical steps in the chain of command during the communication process in a propane emergency. Mr. Cruise used real-life experiences to relay tactical considerations while responding to a fire and/or explosion.

Dan Waters of Premier Safety Services offered an overview of the Propane Emergencies Program, a PERC initiative responsible for training over 250,000 emergency responders since launching in 1998.

The three-day event was held in and around the beautiful Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center near Macungie, Pennsylvania.

For more information on this event and to learn more about upcoming events, go to PApropane.com or contact Executive Director Shelby Bell at this link.

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Emergency Responders Event Recap