Safety Information for Severe Weather Events

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Shelby L. Metzger

Harrisburg, PA – High winds, power outages and other severe weather effects can not only put a strain on your home energy system, but can also cause significant safety concerns for your family.

PAPGA and The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) invite you to review important safety information at this link.

Here are just a few of the important tips that can be found in the Weather Events Safety Section:

  • Metal objects such as propane tanks and equipment, tractors, and telephone lines can conduct electricity. Do not go near them if Lightning is present
  • Check for downed power lines in and around your property; they can create major safety hazards. Floods can move, shift, or damage gas lines and tanks. Immediately call your local utility company or propane retailer if any of these hazards exist.
  • Make sure the area within 10 feet of your propane tank and your propane grill is clear of flammable materials, especially if the forecast calls for extreme heat. Remove any debris that is combustible or easily ignited, including leaves, brush, any vegetation, and rags.

The Weather Events Page also includes general guidelines and basic preventative tips for you to review as part of your emergency preparedness plan.

For the complete list of the Consumer Safety Modules, hit and click on the Safety Modules Link in the middle of the main page.

If you need a Certified Technician to conduct a safety inspection of your energy system and appliances, click or tap this link to find the nearest provider.


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Safety Information for Severe Weather Events