A ‘Whole House’ Approach to Efficiency and Safety from PAPGA

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Harrisburg, PA – As a homeowner, you may ask the question: ‘What are the most cost-effective changes that I can make to improve the energy efficiency of my home?’

The answer can seem very complicated. Variable energy prices, vast upgrades in technology, government incentives and one’s desire to ‘go green’ are all factors that must be considered.  

The Propane Education & Research Council recently produced a video from Malvern, Pennsylvania, which brings a ‘Whole House’ perspective to this question. The video covers methods for builders and homeowners to increase efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions with each home project or upgrade. The video concludes that Propane is most often involved with any project that takes into account a home’s overall efficiency combined with a homeowner’s desire for positive return on investment.

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A recent study conducted by Newport Partners takes a closer look at Energy Efficient Measures that compare initial cost with energy savings over a period of time. The study is designed to help homeowners prioritize the changes that are most appropriate for their climate while recouping their investment in 10 years or less.

More than 30 replacement scenarios were evaluated at 10 locations in the United States. In the report that is relevant to Pennsylvanians, selection of a standard-efficiency propane furnace was found to be the lowest first-cost system when replacing a fuel oil furnace. Selecting a high-efficiency propane furnace versus the standard-efficiency propane furnace resulted in a payback of one year, and provided three times the annual emissions savings as specifying a high-efficiency heating oil furnace.

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The Propane Industry has also developed a suite of 16 electronic modules on Consumer Propane Safety. PAPGA encourages you and your family to view these interactive safety activities that will help you understand and prepare for weather emergencies, power outages and other events that occur while at home.

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The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association is a member-focused trade association providing services that communicate, educate and promote the propane industry in Pennsylvania. The association was formed in 1947 to offer opportunities to learn through training and networking with peers, and to aid with legislative issues that contribute to operating a safe and successful industry.

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A 'Whole House' Approach to Efficiency and Safety from PAPGA