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Harrisburg, PA – Can’t you just taste those steaks, brats and veggies sizzling on your outdoor grill? Summer is quickly approaching and PAPGA wants to make sure that everyone has the latest resources for a safe and wonderful grilling season.

Here are a few examples of the tips available at

  • Never Grill in a covered area such as a garage or covered patio because gases can build up
  • Never attempt to move a grill while it is lit
  • Remember to store any extra propane cylinders outdoors and in an upright position
  • If your kids insist on being involved, give them a safe task, like brushing on marinade or carrying plates and spices to and from storage areas

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has produced a webpage featuring Chef and Author John Besh, recipes and links to the Interactive Safe Grilling Module, tips on getting kids involved and the safe grilling checklist. The webpage is accessible at

To learn more about safe grilling or to schedule an inspection of your grill and other appliances, use this link to find your nearest propane provider or log on to

“The Marketer Members of the Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association are dedicated to insure all of their friends and neighbors they serve in communities across Pennsylvania use Propane safely!” said Dan Messett, Marketing Chair for PAPGA. “Call your local marketer with questions or if you need service and they will help you manage your energy needs for your home or business”

The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association is a member-focused trade association providing services that communicate, educate and promote the propane industry in Pennsylvania. The association was formed in 1947 to offer opportunities to learn through training and networking with peers, and to aid with legislative issues that contribute to operating a safe and successful industry.

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Safe Grilling Tips from the Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association - PAPGA